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6 Reasons Why Being a Brand Ambassador is the Best Job Ever!

  Being a Brand Ambassador is hands down one of the most flexible, fun, and lucrative jobs for extra income! Just the other day, I was speaking with a Brand Ambassador who was hired to hand out beauty product samples in the VIP section of the Coachella music festival…for $35/hour! SERIOUSLY?! While not all Brand Ambassador opportunities are […]

How NOT to be Late for Your Next Gig

  You know the feeling. You’re running around your home muttering (or shouting) words that would make your mother’s ears burn. You throw on your uniform, grab a tiny snack, and then rush out of your front door knowing that you forgot something but you can’t quite remember what it was but it’s too late […]

3 Reasons Why an Agency Isn’t Paying You (and What You Can Do About It)

  You just worked your butt off for an agency and are expecting a big, fat, juicy check to arrive in the mail in 30 days just like the agency promised. 30 days goes by and you wait…and wait…and wait. Sound familiar? One of the best/worst parts about being a Brand Ambassador is that often […]