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How to Become a Brand Ambassador

Become a Brand Ambassador


Have you ever felt like you were meant to do more?

Like, there’s gotta be more to this life you’re given than simply living for the weekends and working a job you don’t like for 40+ hours a week, right?

Now imagine this instead…

You wake up every morning feeling 100% stoked to be alive and you’re excited to get the day started!

You’re getting paid $18-$100 per hour just to attend incredible events across the nation while being able to work closely with all of your favorite brands and companies – your only “role and responsibility” is to make people happy.

AND you get to pick how you work, where you work, and when you work so you have more flexibility to spend time with your friends, your family, and your passions.

Sound like a sweet deal? Well, lean in because I’ve got something you might want to hear…

*You lean in closer…a little too close…but it’s all good*

Peep this – if you learn how to become a Brand Ambassador, that scenario you just imagined can actually be your new reality.


My name is Kenny Azama, and for the past 3 years I’ve been having the time of my freakin’ life “working” full-time as a Brand Ambassador and making an average of $2,000 per week.

If you have a friendly and outgoing personality and want to get paid for it, this may the perfect job for you!


That’s a good question and don’t worry about not knowing because most people don’t know!

Simply put, Brand Ambassadors are the friendly people you see wearing branded t-shirts who hand out and demonstrate products at music festivals, trade shows, sports games, nationwide tours, nightclubs, retailers, fairs, concerts, and other super fun places!

During my shifts, I ALWAYS catch myself thinking, “Is this real? Am I really getting paid to do this?”

The truth of the matter is, it is very real and anyone can become a Brand Ambassador and even get started as early as this weekend.

By definition: “A Brand Ambassador is someone who is hired to represent a brand in a positive light and by doing so they help to raise brand awareness and provide consumers with a memorable face-to-face experience with the brand.”

This method of marketing a brand is called Promotional Marketing.

A common misconception about Promotional Marketing is that Brand Ambassadors are employees of the brand they are promoting but that’s not the case. In actuality, they are regular people like you and me who are hired by staffing and promotional marketing agencies to represent their clients – the brands.

Throughout my years as a Brand Ambassadors, I’ve had the awesome privilege of representing big ol’ brands like Nike, Samsung, Chevrolet, Coca-Cola at amazing events such as Coachella, The Super Bowl, Comic Con, and NBA games.

One of the best parts about being a Brand Ambassador is that you get access into these hard-to-get-into venues foh FREE-99 and are able to explore and party during your breaks and after your shifts!

become a brand ambassador


I get this question left and right and it’s always hard to answer because there are so many different things that Brand Ambassadors can do.

But in a nutshell, a Brand Ambassador’s main objective is to create a fun and memorable experience for consumers usually by:

  • Giving away free samples and swag (e.g. sampling at events, high foot traffic areas, within retailers)
  • Having people test new products (e.g. testing the new iPad or the new Chevrolet cars)
  • Setting up and breaking down events (e.g. setting up 10×10 tents, tables, feather banners, etc.)
  • Interacting with consumers face to face (e.g. greeting people at the door, being Emcee, or overseeing a section of an event, etc.)
  • Increasing brand awareness by wearing branded uniforms or costumes (branded shirts, branded hats, costumes, etc.)

That’s just a snapshot of what Brand Ambassadors can do but there’s a million other ways you can promote a brand once you become a Brand Ambassador.

There are also many different Brand Ambassador positions within the promotional marketing industry that you can be hired for and they all have different responsibilities and even higher pay rates.

You can do everything from managing promotional marketing events, to going on nationwide tours, to even pumping people up as a costume character!

become a brand ambassador


Oooo we’ve reached the question I bet you’ve been wondering about!

It always blows my mind when I think of how much us Brand Ambassadors are paid for the kind of work that we do. You’d think that such a fun and flexible job couldn’t possibly pay well. In fact, you’d think you’d have to pay money just to do what we do!

But in actuality, if you follow the right strategies,  you can easily make a full-time living from it!

If you’re just starting out, you can expect to make an average of $20-$25 per hour but that rate can quickly go up once you start managing your own events and going on  tours. Once you reach this management level, the sky’s the limit and you can be earning as much as $50-$100 per hour. Promotional marketing agencies will even start paying for your flights, hotels, and food just to have you at their events.

Yes…they’ll pay for your food…Mmmmm….


There’s wayyy too much to cover in one blog post so I went ahead and created a free 5-day email course that you can learn the strategies from.

“But K-Dawg, why are you stringing me along for 5 whole days?”

That’s a good question but I have a better reason.

I divided the course into 5 days because there’s a buttload (which is slang for “a lot”) of information and I don’t want you to get overwhelmed. Each day builds off the previous one and by the end, you’ll know all of the steps needed to get booked for Brand Ambassador gigs whenever the heck you want.

If any part of this blog post tickled your fancy , click the image below to learn how to get started as a Brand Ambassador:


Being a Brand Ambassador is a ridiculously fun, lucrative, and flexible career (or part-time gig) and the fact that you can get paid $18-$100/hr just to promote cool brands at cool events is just bonkers.

If you have a friendly and outgoing personality, this is the perfect way to make some dough, and I’m really excited for you to get started! I can’t wait to hear abut all of the cool experiences you have out in the field!