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6 Reasons Why Being a Brand Ambassador is the Best Job Ever!



Being a Brand Ambassador is hands down one of the most flexible, fun, and lucrative jobs for extra income!

Just the other day, I was speaking with a Brand Ambassador who was hired to hand out beauty product samples in the VIP section of the Coachella music festival…for $35/hour!


While not all Brand Ambassador opportunities are that glamorous, it’s still pretty amazing that we get paid to do what we do.

Below you’ll find 6 reasons why being a Brand Ambassador is the best job ever:



Brand Ambassadors get to pick which days and times to apply for and work. This makes it the perfect extra income for students, actors, full-time workers, and pretty much anyone who needs or wants a flexible schedule.

If you need to take a few days off for an audition, you totally can. If you want to go on a trip with your friends during the week, by all means go ahead.

The flexibility is my favorite part of being a Brand Ambassador!



As a Brand Ambassador, your “office” will change from day to day. Sometimes you’ll be handing out samples at a music festival, sometimes you’ll hop in a branded truck and tour across the country, sometimes you’ll be reppin’ a cool alcohol brand at a club!

A Brand Ambassadors work location changes from event to event. This is great for anyone who wants to work in exciting places and who doesn’t want to sit in the same old chair in the same old office.

“Step into my office” takes on a whole new meaning for Brand Ambassadors.




A Brand Ambassador’s pay rate is anywhere from $15-$45 per hour. It can even be higher depending on what the gig is, who is hiring, and what your experience is.

The pay rate is so high because the work is sporadic. Work an event here, work a demo there. However, if you follow the steps laid out in my post, How to Become a Brand Ambassador, you can easily fill up your schedule with as much or as little work as you like.

That kind of income is not too shabby for just being cool to people and demoing products or giving things away, right?



There’s usually extra product, swag, and gift cards after an event and guess who gets to take it all home??

Brand Ambassadors often times get to walk away from their shifts with more than they came with. I once worked an event for Nike and after my shift I received a pair of Nike Free Running Shoes (below) and a $60 Nike gift card…FOH FREE!

Extra income comes in many different forms and that’s just one of the benefits of becoming a Brand Ambassador.




The Brand Ambassador industry is a young, fun, and inspirational one. From actors, to entrepreneurs, to singers, to college students, your “co-workers” will be friendly and outgoing people from all walks of life! It’s also a very tight knit and supportive industry and you’ll be able to network with the some awesome people at your gigs.

I’ve made some of my best friends from working promos and I’m sure you will too!

E3 Coworkers



Aside from the representing cool brands at exciting places with awesome co-staff, you basically get paid to have fun with people! While you’re handing out samples and talking about the brand, you get to crack jokes, laugh, be loud, and pretty much be yourself.

What’s better than getting paid to play?



So there you have it.

6 reasons why being a Brand Ambassador is the best job ever!

Now I know this is all sounds super exciting (which it is!) but it’s also not that easy. If you want to work for the coolest brands at the best promotional events, you’ll have to stand out from the crowd because there are a lot of people out there who want to be Brand Ambassadors too.

The good news is, it doesn’t take a lot to stand out and just a little bit of investment will go a long way. Nothing makes agencies more eager to hire someone than when they see a qualified Brand Ambassador who takes their job seriously.