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8 Brand Ambassador Positions and How Much They Pay


The event marketing industry is a very exciting industry to work in! Every single day of the year there is something fun and unique going on and we, as Brand Ambassadors, get to be a part of it by working promotional marketing gigs and representing the coolest and newest brands.

For example, one program I drove across the nation in a branded RV to various dog related events and educated people about an animal wellness product and the next weekend I represented Samsung Gear VR at the US Open of Surfing and helped people go virtual reality surfing!

The possibilities are only limited to the imagination in this industry but here are 8 of the most common types of Brand Ambassador positions you will find on the job boards as well as how much they pay. Here we go!


Pay Rate: $18-$35/hr

Firstly, there is your standard Brand Ambassador. This is the most common promo position you’ll see posted for on the job boards and for a good reason.

As a Brand Ambassador, you’ll usually be asked to put on a branded shirt and demo a product or distribute out free samples and swag to people at high foot traffic areas such as music festivals, large events, trade shows, and shopping areas.

Other jobs may involve guerilla sampling, setting up an event, flyering, dancing in a flash mob, greeting people at the door, being dunked in a tank, overseeing games and activities, and so much more!

Due to the nature of the work, Brand Ambassadors must be friendly, outgoing, and enthusiastic about the brand they are representing as their main goal is to leave consumers with a fun and memorable experience about the brand.

Be sure to get your Food Handler Card as many sampling gigs involve handing out food and drinks to consumers and having one will also help you stand out from a crowd of unskilled applicants.



Pay Rate: $20-50/hr

Promotional Models aka Promo Models are Brand Ambassadors who are hired for their specific look. Some companies may only want muscular young men with wavy blonde hair to help promote a sunscreen product at the beach. Other companies may only want conservative and professional looking women to dress up as flight attendants to represent an airline company.

Don’t let the word ‘model’ intimidate you either as agencies are always looking to hire for a variety of looks and yours might just be it. The best way you can get hired for these promo model gigs is to have good headshots of yourself so definitely invest in those if you can.

Check out this post I wrote about how to get the perfect headshot.

Promo Model Position


Pay Rate: $18-$30/hr

Being an In-Store Demonstrator is one of the most consistent sources of extra income in this industry as they are usually longer term contracts with promo gigs throughout the week and weekends. In-Store Demonstrators are the Brand Ambassadors you see in beauty stores and grocery stores who sample and test products to consumers. It’s an easy way to make a consistent $200-$300 per week!

Most agencies will form a small team of In-Store Demonstrators to represent a brand for the duration of a sampling campaign so if you ever see a job posting for this, be sure to apply for it quickly!

In-Store Demonstrator Position


Pay Rate: $25-$50/hr

The alcohol industry is booming right now and as a result, alcohol companies are always looking to sample their product at bars, retailers, clubs, parties, and wine tasting events. Most of these promo gigs are in the evening time, which makes it the perfect gig for extra income if you have work during the day.

In order to sample alcohol to the public, you’ll need to be TIPS Alcohol Certified and your certificate will pay for itself after 1-2 hours of alcohol sampling work. is the leader in TIPS Certification and I highly recommend you go through them.

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Pay Rate: $18-$50/hr

Yup, you can even be hired to put on a costume or be a mascot! Costume character promo gigs pay very well and the only requirements are that you don’t mind being in a costume for a couple hours at a time and that you have some pretty sweet dance moves! This is an awesome and lucrative promo gig to work as you literally get paid to dance, take pictures with people, and have fun!



If you have the gift of gab and the ability to entertain a crowd, being an emcee may be the perfect promo gig for you. These positions pay very well and often times you get to go on tours too! As an Emcee, your main job will be to wield a microphone and hype up the crowd, draw attendees over to the event, and lead games and activities.

Emcee Position


Pay Rate: $18-$100/hr

If you like to be in charge and manage events, being a Field Manager may be the perfect promo opportunity for you. Of course, you must possess great leadership and communication skills and you must be extremely responsible. Much of the success of an event will lie on your shoulders and you will be the one that agencies, clients, field staff, event coordinators, and event attendees turn to for guidance. The responsibilities of a Field Manager include but are not limited to:

-Managing Brand Ambassadors

-Being responsible for the management and safe transportation of all assets and products

-Overseeing the set up and breakdown of an event

-Communicating with the client and agency before, during, and after an event

-Creating post-event Recap Reports

-Taking high quality photos for the client and agency


Field Manager Position


Pay Rate: $20-$75/hr + Hotel and Per Diem

This is a fun one! Tour Managers are basically traveling Field Managers. Usually seen driving through the streets of major cities in branded vans, RVs, and trucks, Tour Managers are hired to travel across cities, states, and sometimes even across the entire nation to promote a brand.

Tour Managers must have previous Field Manager experience and be okay with being away from home for weeks at a time. A CDL (Commercial Driver License) is often times required but if not, then at least experience with driving box trucks or food trucks is a must.

If you love to travel, you should definitely consider applying to become a Tour Manager. A stipend for hotels and food is usually provided and promotional tours can last from 1 month all the way up to a couple of years.

Airbnb tends to be cheaper and better than hotels so the next time you’re on the road and want to pocket the difference, here’s $25 off your first Airbnb accommodation.



As you can see, you have plenty of options when it comes to choosing which type of Brand Ambassador work to do. I know many people who have been in the industry for a long time and currently work all 8 positions on a consistent basis. Once you build up that kind of experience, you will be able to pick and choose when you work and how you work.

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Good luck!