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How NOT to be Late for Your Next Gig

How Not to Be Late For Your Next Gig


You know the feeling.

You’re running around your home muttering (or shouting) words that would make your mother’s ears burn. You throw on your uniform, grab a tiny snack, and then rush out of your front door knowing that you forgot something but you can’t quite remember what it was but it’s too late to go back for it even if you remembered. You hop in your car and text your Program Manager that “traffic is crazy” or “that your car was having problems” but that you’re almost there. Then the entire car ride you’re stressed and telling yourself you’ll never be late to an event again…Only for it to happen the following week…And the week after that.

Womp womp.

You’re creating a reputation for yourself within the industry and it’s not a good one. As a Brand Ambassador, you are an extension of the agency/brand and if you’re late it reflects poorly on the agency that trusted and hired you.

Showing up early is not only what you are paid to do, but it also shows that you care and that you take your job seriously. Don’t give agencies a reason to not hire you. Back when I worked for an agency, I would tell myself that “if they were late once, they’ll be late again” before I threw a late Brand Ambassador’s resume in the trash.

But feel free to scream “HALLELUJAH” right now because you’ve just found the blog post that will change your life!

Here are 6 pieces of advice that will help you never be late to an event again:


At least that’s what you should be telling yourself.

Add 20 minutes to whatever Google Maps promises you. If it says that it takes 15 minutes to get to the event from your home, then tell yourself that it says it takes 35 minutes. Getting into your car, hitting a few red lights, being stuck in some traffic, finding parking, and then finding and walking to your event location takes up a lot more time than what Google Maps estimates for.

If you’re planning on everything going right, then you’re going to be late.


Are you a chronically late person? Well, if you are, start lying to yourself.

When you’re late or someone calls you out on always being late, it’s natural to internalize that feedback and believe that you are actually a “late person” and that’s just who you are. IT’S NOT! If you want to change, you first have to stop defining yourself as a late person and start changing your mentality.

For example, tell yourself, “I am always on time”, “I respect my time and the time of the people I work with”, “I am a considerate person and I take my job very seriously”, etc. Personalize the words to fit your lifestyle. This little psychological trick is very powerful.

Your thoughts and your actions will begin to align and you will eventually become a “punctual person.”


Out of all of the tips, this one has helped me the most. Before you put your head to bed, lay out the clothes you’ll wear for the day, make your lunch, pack your bag, find out how far your event is (add 20 minutes to that), and print out any contact information or training manuals you’ll need. This way you can just wake up and go!

Trust me. You’ll save lots of time and stress by doing this every night.


As a Brand Ambassador, you have so many opportunities available that it can get hard to choose which ones to take.

If you’re the type of person who tries to jam pack your schedule and squeeze every little minute out of your day, then maybe it’s time to reevaluate how you look at time. In the long run it will be much better to be on time for one agency’s event than it would be to be late for two agencies’ events.

I understand that you might have to hustle, but you won’t be able to hustle if you shoot yourself in the foot by being lat every time.


How long does it take you to shower? How long does it take you to style your hair or put on makeup? How long does it take for you to make breakfast, eat it, and then clean up?

I bet you’d be way off if you tried to guess.

Being chronically late stems from very deep psychological issues and one of those issues is how we perceive time. Understanding how long your everyday tasks REALLY take is essential to being a punctual person.

Late people tend to only remember their fastest times of completing a task, and then planning their day around those times.

Here’s a little tip to help you: round up. If you think it takes you about 12 minutes to shower, round up to 15.


Going to a party early and waiting is not cool…But as a Brand Ambassador, showing up to an event early and waiting is probably the coolest thing you can do. Aside from just being cool, there are so many productive things you can do while you wait. Here’s a few:

-Network with the other early Brand Ambassadors. This is my favorite thing to do because Brand Ambassadors are usually a very fun, interesting, and inspirational bunch. You never know what kinds of doors this will open for you.

-Go over the training manual and impress the client with your brand knowledge (nothing is sexier to an agency or brand than a Brand Ambassador who knows their stuff! Seriously.)

-Go to Brand Ambassador World and read a Blog post

-Listen to some pump up music to get you in a positive and friendly mindset

-Help your Field Manager or Hiring Manager with event setup for some extra brownie points

-Stretch, call a friend, read a book, meditate, etc.


There you have it. Implement these 6 strategies into your life, never be late to an event again, and get hired more often for being on time!


Do you have any punctuality tips for your fellow Brand Ambassadors? Show us what you got below!