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How Being a Brand Ambassador Adds Years to Your Life


If a life is not remembered, is it actually lived?


Memories come and memories go.

Everything we do and work for is to create as many positive memories as possible and to minimize the negative ones. Either way, memories are what make life interesting and worth living.

It’s too bad we hardly remember any of them.

Studies show that most people only remember 3 days out of the month. This equates to just 1 memorable year out of every 10 years!

Yet, we shrug it off like it’s not a big deal…

We make light of the times when we “can’t believe it’s Friday already” or when the “New Year sneaks up on us” or when the “years go by in the blink of an eye.”

It must be normal…right?

Because time seemingly vanishes for many of us, a common question we casually ask ourselves is, “Where does the time go?”

But the question we should really be asking ourselves is, “Where do my memories go?”

It’s the memories that disappear, not the time.

So what’s to blame for our lack of memories and why do we as humans seem to miss out on so much life?

The answer?


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The majority of people in society partake in the same mundane routines day in and day out. As a result, our brains get bored and begin to function on autopilot. It sort of caches everything we see, hear, and do in order to save energy and the end result is that we zone out.

We simply go through the motions and let time tick away without realizing it.

Can you blame the brain though if this is what the average day looks like:

Wake up at the same time, drive the same commute, sit in the same cubicle, work on the same mindless projects, talk to the same people, drive the same commute back home, then go to sleep and do it all over again the next day…

I used to work as a Program Manager for an event marketing agency and looking back on it now, time in spent in my tiny cubicle would fly by and I hardly have any memories to show for it. I’m not sure if I even remember 3 days out of the 2 years that I was there…It all just kind of blends into one big memory.

So the big question: How do we disengage this autopilot mode and start remembering our lives again?

The answer is rather simple.

We need to break out of our routines and do memorable things.

Change things up!

Take a different route to work, ask for new projects, talk to different people, eat at a new restaurant…just try new things!

That’s how you stimulate the mind. That’s how you turn off the autopilot. That’s how you take control of your memories.

And that’s how being a Brand Ambassador adds years to your life.

Brand Ambassador World Years to Life

For those of you who have been in the promo industry for awhile, think about it.

I bet you you’d be able to recall almost all of the promo gigs that you’ve ever worked. What events you worked, what brands you represented, when you worked, where you traveled to, what your positions were, what you wore, what you did, what you ate, who you worked with, and how happy you made other people.

You were immersed in those experiences and all of your senses were engaged.

That’s how you live a memorable life.

And because you are rich with memories, you are rich with life!

Brand Ambassador World Adds Years to Life

You will not remember the days you worked in an office, but chances are you won’t forget the days you helped people experience virtual reality at a technology convention, or the days you gave out bottles of soda to families at theme parks, or the days you dressed up in costumes and handed out free swag at music festivals.

You will not remember the awful rush hour commutes you had to drive every morning and every night for work, but I bet you won’t forget the crazy fun road trips that you and your friends took to get to trade shows in Las Vegas.

You will not remember your office coworkers half as much as you will remember working alongside friendly and outgoing Brand Ambassadors. Seriously, where else would you be able to work alongside actors, musicians, entrepreneurs, college students, and overall fun and energetic people in one place?

Only in the promo industry can you create memories like these.

Our job as Brand Ambassadors is literally to be memorable and to share memorable experiences with others.

As Dustin Gares from TEDx Renfrew-Collingwood shared: “Life is not the number of days you live…it’s the number of days you remember.”

And if at the end of it all your life is filled with days that you remember, then I’d say that’s a life well lived.


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